Thursday, 4 October 2012

Something New: Cards!

Do you remember back in the summer I posted a quick snap of something new I was working on?

Well, it turned into a design for the first ever batch of  "Lupin Handmade" Christmas cards...


What do you think?

I'm really pleased with how the design turned out (I can't wait to send some of these to my friends this Christmas!) and the "taking a photo of my work and getting it printed on cards" process went okay for a first try.

When I got the cards back from the printers I unfortunately spotted a small bit of fluff that was sitting on the design when I photographed it (oops!). It's pretty small but still, I'd never want to sell anything at full price that wasn't 100% perfect so I'm listing this first batch of cards in my shops at bargain prices.

Single cards are available over in my Big Cartel shop for £1.50 each, and sets of 4 cards are available from my Big Cartel shop and my Etsy shop for £4.50. 

While I was ordering the 'Winter Robins' cards, I thought it would be a good opportunity to finally get round to something that's been on my "to do at some point" list for simply ages - get some cards printed with some snaps of some of the gorgeous haberdashery bits and bobs from my grandmother's sewing box (inspired by this photo).

One card features some gorgeous vintage spools of thread...


... and the other features an assortment of scissors & shears:

As with the Christmas cards, the first batch of these unfortunately aren't 100% perfect. In this case, the images printed out a bit darker than I'd expected (the background is more grey than white). I'll be tinkering with the images and getting them reprinted, but in the meantime these prototypes can be found in my shops at the same bargain prices as the Christmas cards.

Single scissors and threads cards can be found in my Big Cartel shop, and mixed sets of 4 cards (2 scissors, 2 threads) can be found in my Big Cartel shop and my Etsy shop.


Laura said...

The card designs are lovely! It sounds like a good learning experience too.

winkieflash said...

LOVE the haberdashery cards. Really clever and cute :)

Manu said...

Robins are so cute! I really like these cards (the small bit of fluff is practically invisible to human eye)

Tumus said...

Those look sharp, nice work :)

Rhymes With Magic said...

I can't see any fluff on the picture and they look WONDERFUL!!! I especially like your haberdashery pictures. They are very you.

cutedesigns said...

The robin cards look really cute and pretty. :)

Lilyshaw said...

oh wow, the cards are beautiful, love the robins and the others are lovely cards for crafters!

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks for the comments everyone - it's always a bit scary launching something new!

The bit of fluff is pretty teeny, but after noticing it I can't unsee it & I'd hate for anyone to pay full price and get something less than perfect :)


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