Saturday 13 October 2012

Something New & Something in the Post

Here's a snap of something new in my workbox at the moment:

I'm slowly turning all those cherry blossoms I cut out last month into brooches... they'll be a white & peach version of the pink cherry blossom trio brooches that are currently available in my shop:

And here's a snap of something lovely I got in the post this week:

They're the ornament kits I treated myself to from Alicia Paulson's shop. I originally just bought two but couldn't resist ordering a third (the Walk in the Woods set). They arrived in the country a couple of weeks ago but I only just collected them from the sorting office this week because there were customs charges (and customs office handling fees, ugh) to pay and I kept putting it off.

Ah, those colours! So lush, and so deliciously different from the bright colour palette I normally work with (although they do match the cherry blossoms quite nicely, don't they?). I am so looking forward to starting these this winter.


rozemie said...

those brooches are lovely, what patience you must have to assemble all those tiny pieces into something so pretty. Grtz, Rozemie

Margreet's vilt en meer said...

Nice kits from Alice! Your flowers are pretty cool.

Laura said...

Brooches looking lovely! I've had one of Alicia's kits - it was so lovely to sew, hope you enjoy yours!

Heather said...

Love these brooches. The colours are so pretty.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thank you! It does take a while to cut and sew all the pieces for these, but they are very relaxing to make :)