Friday, 12 October 2012

Oh Look, it's My Book!

When I was shopping for thread the other day I flicked through some of the craft magazines on display, and looking through the October Woman's Weekly "Stitch & Sew Special"...

... I spotted these guys peeking out from the contents page...

... the cat and mouse (and cheese) puppets from my book, Super-Cute Felt! I love these guys.

My publisher's PR department handles all the press for my book, so it's a very nice surprise when I happen to see it featured somewhere :)

Another very nice surprise this week was the news that my book has just been published in German under the title "Lieblingsstücke aus Filz".

I feel like a very fancy author now something I've written has been translated into another language!

The German version is available from Amazon DE or direct from the publishers, HERE (and hopefully from lots of other German bookshops!) 


doro K. said...

very cool!
another fantastic english book in german.
i have to buy it....thanks a lot!

doro K.

Saraccino said...

I just bought some more felt because I'll have a little crafting get together with friends next week... and of course all of them want to have a look in your book which I promised to bring along :)

Deborah said...

Wow, how wonderful! have a happy weekend sweetie

Bee happy x

Jo said...

Congrats!! How exciting...

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks guys, both these things really made me smile :)

Saraccino - I hope your crafty get together went well! x


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