Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Little Hats for the Big Knit

The Big Knit is back! I've made a start on this year's collection of little hats...

I've been knitting these for so many years now it's starting to feel like a crafty tradition. I've only knitted two little hats so far, but have plans for many more... and lots of the ladies at my knitting group are knitting them too, and they're all much speedier knitters than me! Hopefully we'll end up with a veritable mountain of little hats to donate to the campaign.


Cathy said...

Those little gold and silver scissors are the cutest ever! Oh yeah, those little hats are very cute too :-)

Millie D said...

I would like to knit some of these, do you think I'm too late,

niftyknits said...

Like Cathy, I'm loving the scissors!

BugsandFishes said...

My mother in law actually bought me those scissors in Paris, but I think lots of craft shops sell them, they're a sewing design classic!

Millie I think the deadline is in August this year? I'm sure you've got time to knit some hats anyway :)

Millie D said...

Thanks, I've knitted 2 so far! But I'm doing some more.
Millie x


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