Saturday 10 July 2010

Vintage Yarn

Our knitting club has received lots of donated bags of yarn since we started, including everything from basic acrylic dk to 100% wool, 3ply to super chunky, and a whole assortment of fancy, fluffy, patterned and sparkly yarns. We're trying to gradually put it to use knitting for various charity projects (currently lots of little hats for the Big Knit).

I love all the different knitting labels, especially on the older yarns.

The blue one on the top row still has its price sticker from Woolworths: 14p.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, those were the days... I love the look of the ball in the right top-hand corner - such a lovely colour and so neatly wound! I wish I was in a knitting club to which people donated yarn! :)

chloe said...

i've still got boxes full of my nans knitting and sewing things, from all those years ago, still with their '10p''s and '4p' woolworths stickers. :')

Unknown said...

14p?! That would be great if it was anywhere near that price now, I like the cream coloured pure wool on the top left.

The old labels would be great to keep for some vintage collage related art project! :) x

amieggs said...

hahahahah that is so nice!!! I have to admit myself when I started I used my mom's old yarns... and there's just too many different stuff!! now I just stick to acrylic =) (which still costs 2€ a piece of 100g)

nicedaydesigns said...

oh they're so lovely!!
I made a hat today for the big knit, I'm terrible at knitting, but it was nice to take part. I had to do the very basic pattern

Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

vintage yarn labels = awesome!!

I am a huge fan of your blog and have passed on an award to you.
You can pick it up here:


Unknown said...

Pff!! only see this wool I´m a terrible hot!! Madrid its too hot now!!
Kisses from Spain.
I like so much your site

Bugs and Fishes said...

Fridica - yes, it's so nice of people to donate yarn to us. It will take us many many projects to use it all!

Chloe - I've got lots of my grandmother's old supplies too. The price labels really add to their charm, don't they?

Jenevieve - I'm definitely going to keep the labels, far too interesting to throw away.

nicedaydesigns - I knit the basic hats too. I love knitting but don't have many skills at it yet (hopefully they'll improve thanks to knitting club!)