Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Joys of Custom Orders

I don't do much custom design work these days, but I love making things in custom colours. I have my own favourites that I probably return to far too often, and working with other peoples choices help me look at my pieces afresh and can help spark new ideas too.

Just recently finished - custom poppy bracelets, in soft blues and greens, ready to go in the post tomorrow:The colours are lovely, especially against the white - it looks so light and pretty, perfect for weddings or summer parties. I'm actually sort of embarrassed at never having thought of using a white background before!

I was so pleased with how they turned out that I couldn't resist making a couple more, in one of my current fave colours, ready to be added to my shop this week:


Pomona said...

The blues and greens look absolutely beautiful - what a lovely combination of colours!

Pomona x

Janina Modaal said...

Really very nice!

Dark Fairy said...

Beautiful colours in your work, as alwaysx

Jim Jam Sandwich said...

So beautiful!

SoapyChica said...

gosh these are absolutely gorgeous


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