Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Holiday Sewing Snaps

Even when I'm on my hols, I still have to take some sewing with me to do when curled up watching telly - it just feels wrong sitting watching something and not making things at the same time.

I always take way more sewing than I can possibly ever get done in the time, but I did manage to get quite a bit done this trip thanks to many heatwave-induced sessions of old movie watching (I cannot resist a classic black and white flick).

Holiday Project Number One - sewing some more eco felt flowers, in lovely warm autumnal tones. I'm looking forward to choosing vintage buttons to match all these!
Holiday Project Number Two - making a start on restocking my bird designs. Lots of pieces sewn together, but there's lots and lots of tiny details still to sew:
No sewing for me today though, but plenty to keep me busy as I've got lots of admin to catch up on and orders to pack...


Nic said...

Wow you were very busy on your hols!! The colours of your flowers are lovely

nickynackynoo said...

I love your attention to detail - the difference in colour between the bullfinch and chaffinch. Beautiful.

Tumus said...

that's a wicked amount of birdies there lol, my hand would've fallen off!

Dark Fairy said...

Lovely colourful well made items, beautiful

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Love looking at all your little sewing bits - so lovely. xx


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