Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Show and Tell (C365/361)

Lots of lovely pictures to show you today! First up, here's the product of last night's sewing session:
Sprigs of mistletoe! It's lovely to be making these again this year, and it's always interesting to revisit old designs. This year's are sewn onto thicker red felt to make them a bit more sturdy and I've decided that I rather like the bolder, more solid shape made by leaving the middle bit of red as it is. Of course I only worked this out when I'd cut out the first one and had it side by side with the others for comparison! Ah well. I may list both options and let the customers decide which is best!

Next up: some shots of a few special items I've been working on recently...

I got a fun custom order this month to make an embroidered teabag - the reverse is embroidered with details of the occasion & the reverse of the tag (rather obviously) says "tea". A simple but very sweet idea for a gift I think!
I also finished some long-delayed gifts made as a "thankyou" to the girls who did some felt modelling for me back at the start of the summer... some sets of hairclips...

... and a couple of snowy owl brooches:
Here's a peek at some of the owl sketches I've been doing since making that last brooch (I'm plotting a whole little series of owls for my shop) - this was pinned to our noticeboard today by my boyfriend who was slightly annoyed and greatly amused at how I'd scribbled all over his to do list in my owl-sketching frenzy: "typical!"


Vicki said...

Christmas already...oh my, how organised you are! The tea bag is delightful!

twocheeseplease said...

Hehe, well clearly owls are so much more important than whatever he had to do! Doesn't he know that?!

Two Cheese Please

Arty Allsorts said...

Love the owls, they are really good :) The mistletoe - I like both versions - maybe you could offer a choice and just cut out the last bit of red if the customer wants you to?

jennyflower said...

Coo that mistletoe has me all excited about festive snogging, I'm having a giveaway over on my Blog if you get a mo. x

craftymug said...

You do beautiful work. The mistletoe, tea bag and the owls are all very pretty!

hannah said...

Vicky and Tabi LOVED their little presents - thank you so much! The clips are a permanent fixture in Tabi's hair ^_^
Lovely teabag, by the way.

Sidhe Sings said...

Oh how I have missed you.
We have been out of power since the Hurricane Ike hit Tex coast Sept 12th. Reading your daily notes is always an inspiration. Thanks for being there when the power came back on.


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