Saturday 20 September 2008

Question Time

I forgot to charge my camera batteries yesterday (oops) so no photos today! Instead, for your reading pleasure, here's the interview I did with Little Thing

Can you give us a brief intro of yourself, background?
My name is Laura Howard, I’m 26 and I live in a little flat with my boyfriend and lots of pot plants in Gloucester, England. I studied English Literature at University but instead of getting a “proper job” after I graduated, I decided to start making things instead! I now work part-time in a little gift shop here in Gloucester and spend all my free time sewing things out of felt. I have a shop for my work on Etsy, where I’m known as Lupin

What’s the inspiration for you to create the works? I love turning my obsessions into sweet felt objects for people to cherish. I adore anything to do with English teatime - tea, teacups, cake - and am currently being very inspired by woodland animals and all the flowers I’m trying to grow in my balcony garden.

Besides creating what else do you commit yourself to? I drink a lot of cups of tea! I also love to bake (homemade cakes always taste nicer than shop-bought ones) and to curl up with a good book. I think about my work a lot, even when I’m not busy sewing: I am always doodling new ideas on scraps of paper wherever I go.

What part of your job you like most? I really enjoy taking a small idea from my head and turning it into a real tangible item, it’s very satisfying when things turn out how I want them to. I also enjoy shipping my work to people - I love the thought of people far across the world wearing my accessories.

What types of material interest you most? My very favourite material is felt. It’s very easy to work with (I don’t have the patience for seams or hemming) and it is so deliciously colourful.

What’s your childhood like? What’s the dream you held when you were a kid?I always loved arts and crafts when I was a kid, making birthday cards for people, clothes for my dolls, all sorts of things. I hoarded any piece of shiny paper or pretty fabric I got my hands on in case I could use them to make things with! I never really knew what I wanted to do when I grew up and definitely had no idea I’d get the chance to be so creative every day.

Do you have some favorite games or toys? My boyfriend and I like to play a board game called “Trivial Pursuit” during the long winter evenings. It’s a general knowledge game and my boyfriend always wins because I know nothing at all about geography, history or sport!

What’s your favorite book, and music? I read lots of Agatha Christie novels, and lots of books that are supposed to be for children. Lauren Child is my current favourite children’s author - her illustrations are so charming. I listen to music to relax, and love folk music and singers like Joni Mitchell, Martha Wainwright and Sufjan Stevens.

Name some items you like to collect in life? I collect vintage tea sets and other crockery. My kitchen is full of bright retro patterns, it’s very cheerful.

What’s your favorite little things? Seeing things grow, letters from friends and a nice cup of tea.

Who has the strongest influence on your creative development? Before and present ? I’m very inspired by artists who work for themselves and make their own path in life, but I don’t have any particular creative influences.

Can you describe the so-called FASHION in your definition? Mainstream fashion can be very boring. I don’t want to be told what to wear every season; I want to choose for myself!

Do you have the support from your family ?Absolutely. My family have always been very supportive of anything I’ve done in life, and my mum is probably my best customer!

Given the choice, what place on the planet would you like to live?I would love to move back to Bristol (where I went to university), or perhaps to London - somewhere busy with lots of art and culture to soak up and people to meet.

How will you describe your Aesthetic ? My work is bright and cheerful, sunny and sweet and an explosion of colour. I hope it makes people happy.

Do you want to make your craftworks a famous big brand ? I’d like to be “just big enough”: earning enough to get by and not working too hard that I stop enjoying what I do. I am very proud that I make everything myself with love and care, I don’t want to turn into a mini factory.

Is there anything you can’t live without it? I have to be creative every day, even if I just spend five minutes sketching. Also I don’t think I could live without cups of tea!

PS no idea what's gone wrong with the font in this post - no matter how many times I try to change it just rebels! Oh well...


Knit Sew City Girl said...

Oh Gosh, my daughter and I absolutely loves Lauren Child, especially Charlie and Lola. Her illustrations for Pippa Long Stocking is great as well.