Thursday 18 September 2008

Crafting vs Housework (C365/362)

In a battle yesterday between household chores and lovely craftiness, the housework came out on top! I spent most of my day doing laundry and ironing and other delightful tasks. I did manage to squeeze in a bit of crafty prep late in the evening though - cutting out pieces to make beards and fox brooches:
Even just a simple task like that is super-relaxing and made me feel so much more productive than the big pile of finished ironing (though that was nice to see: no more ironing for me for ages, yay!).
In other news: lovely blog reader Lynn dropped me a line to say she'd spotted one of my lavender teabags over on Serious Eats, illustrating a story about the 100th birthday of the teabag. Thanks, Lynn!


Bagladee said...

Yeah I favour crafting over housework hands down everytime....although as you've said you no longer have a pile of ironing to do I am now staring at mine thinking I really need to do mine ;) happy sewing xx

Jenaveve said...

The constant battle!!
I've recently discovered too that the small tasks are the super-relaxing ones.

Just love those lavender tea bags - tea and cuteness, perfect combo in my eyes.

pungsnotded said...

Oh those foxes already look cute! And I know just what you mean about housework. ick.