Thursday 31 July 2008

Cake Tins filled with Felt (C365, day 325)

For my birthday this year, I asked for some lovely cake tins from the yummy range Ella Doran designed for John Lewis. Cake tins with lots of tiny teacups on them? How could I resist? At the moment though they're not being used for cake (or even biscuits) but instead are helping me in my quest to keep my ever growing stash of felt creations under control...
... that's the large size, filled with things "ready to photograph" (photographing things being one of my crafty tasks yesterday, along with finishing off a few odds and ends of sewing). The medium size is currently "photographed and ready to list" and then the small one contains all the designs that I'm about to run out of & need to restock asap (this tin is far too full for my liking at the moment!).

I'm off to do a bit of restocking now, actually, but first a couple of quick shout-outs. A big thankyou! to the lovely Jenny who gave me an Inspiring Blog award this week (*blushes*), and thankyous also to Tumus and GirlIndustries for snapping screenshots of my green circles artwork on the Etsy front page today. Tumus also pointed me in the direction of a handy new tool - a fully searchable group on Flickr for Etsy front pages. The FP changes so quickly these days it's easier than ever to miss them so it's great to have a resource like that available - and if nothing else, the front pages are a lovely way to browse the delights of Etsy: such pretty themes! I always go to my own Etsy shop via the front page instead of direct to my own shop, as I find a lot of new favourite sellers that way.


Girl_Industries said...

Thanks for mentioning me - better go get that shop filled now!