Monday 14 July 2008

Lovely Features

UPDATE: want to sew your own felt bird masks? You'll find the tutorial for these over on my Patreon page.

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Last night I started work on some more bird masks... I've been finishing them today, and pottering about the house feeling a bit stuck indoors as we've had a workman in (sent by the landlord to fill in a hole in the wall - yes, really). I have been greatly cheered up though by a couple of lovely features. First up, my tea addict brooch got a kind mention by Anna, and then the sweet people at Folksy have made me one of their featured sellers! They have three sellers featured at the moment (myself, spugmeistress and sally) , and we rotate at random on their homepage and also at the side of some pages, tis very interesting (well, interesting to me at any rate!). They also included my violets brooch as one of their "top picks": The site is still only teeny tiny, but I'm still dead chuffed to have been picked. Folksy is awesome. Spread the word! Also pretty awesome, did you see the new Dawanda widget I put up over there? ---> Fancy, fancy pants.


Anonymous said...

the colours on the bird masks are beautiful :)