Saturday 29 December 2007

365 / 131 - Cherry Blossoms

Last night I had a cosy night in, and finished off my batch of cherry blossom pins (now reactivated in my shop).

Unfortunately I then overslept this morning making me late for work and rushing around like a crazy person getting dressed etc when I should have been taking my crafting 365 photo and blogging about it. It was then raining so heavily when I got back from work that it was too dark for photo-taking, so cherry blossoms will have to wait until tomorrow for their moment of glory. Ah well.

As it's now past midnight it's technically the 29th of December and my Etsyversary! Hurrah! Remember, any purchase made on the 29th will be shipped with a free gift (or two free gifts if you mention my blog in the "message to seller" during checkout cos I loves you guys).