Thursday 27 December 2007

365 / 129 & 130 - Crafting over Christmas

Back to work already, but the craftiness of course continued during our brief xmas hols.
Late on Christmas day, during the cheese and biscuits, I cut a few more little felt circles from my offcuts - using the biscuit box lid as my work tray!
Then on Boxing day we lazed about rather a bit and did some leisurely tidying up, including salvaging all the "useful" bits of giftwrap for rewrapping, and also making cards and tags for next year. I do this with any giftwrap or nice-looking paper, ribbon, cards etc that come into my house, I am such a magpie for anything shiny that I can use for crafty purposes...
Now that Christmas has passed, and the boyfriend has opened his presents I can show off the crafting I did on day 116 when he was out - two felt badges tailored to his political leanings:
He seems to quite like them. Hurrah!


Unknown said...

you should advertise the lib dem thingy on their official web site. who knows you might get masses of orders in time for their next summer conference.