Friday, 14 December 2007

365 / 119 - felt tip pens

So I'm still not feeling very well, curled up in lots of blankets sleeping rather a lot and watching far far far too many episodes of Project Runway than a sane person should. I'm not really awake enough for full-on craftiness but I did manage to get in some felt-tip pen action handwriting all my thankyous - 208 of them to be precise:
Oh, and I did manage to (finally) get my secret swap item finished but now I'm too ill to go to the post office. So frustrating! Ah well. Back to bed for me... zzz...


Cherry Runway said...

Aww, they look so pretty!

Cherry Runway said...

I love these cards! They are so cute!

(Oops i think i posted twice)

Picture it in Stitches said...

Oh you poor thing - you're working way too hard ... no wonder you're sick. Wrap up warm and take care. Sarah x


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