Monday, 7 May 2007

Thankyou Cards

Glued though I was to the delights of Germany's Next Top Model, I did somehow manage to tear myself away long enough to get some little thankyou-cards made. During my spring-cleaning this year I stumbled across a leftover bundle of mini cards I made one Christmas to send in letters, attach to presents etc.
These have been just perfect for scribbling little "thankyou for your order!"-type notes to include with my parcels, especially the airmail ones where weight is soooo important.

So when I saw BlueMarmalade offering these great outline stickers up for swapping on the UK swap group I immediately asked if I could have them, as I thought they would be just perfect for making some more mini cards.
And this is the result: eight little folded cards...
... and 30 little flat note cards (business-card size)...
All with such lovely golden stickers, they look so great against the white, and they're so detailed they work so well on their own:Not the best photos in the world as it's so overcast here today but otherwise: Super! Sexy! Toll! (a bit of GNTM sneaking in there, sorry).


Sakura Fubuki Designs said...

Hey Lupin as much as I hate butterflies, I have to say those cards are really beautiful and the gold of the stickers really pops against the crisp white background :D

Felicia said...

Your notes cards turned out terrifically!

marsha said...

hi lupin! those cards are gorgeous!!!! what a great idea! i completely agree with anna! =)

~marsha ... xoxo

Circular Accessories said...

He he he, I'm tagging you. The rules are in my latest post
Have fun!

BugsandFishes said...

Fun game! I got tagged already though - I blogged some facts about me in April :)


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