Thursday, 24 May 2007

Sewing Like Crazy

Screw the chores, all I want to do today is sew! I popped out to the cake shop round the corner to buy some ribbon, and have (rather overexcitedly) been putting the finishing touches to some of the things I started yesterday. Lots more to come, but before the light goes completely here are the two things I've finished so far...
Two dangly mobile thingummies, one long and one short, both featuring the ace crystals I got from Greygoat via the swap group (please excuse our 1960s kitchen carpet!!).
The moment I saw those crystals I wanted to do this with them, and I think they've turned out rather well!

I've been experimenting a little with the finishing-off of the mobiles, trying out different ways of doing the last bit of stitching. The small piece pictured above was stitched with slightly hidden plain stitches as in this first photo (and like the last mobile I made)...
... and the larger was stitched with more decorative & visible stitching as seen in this second photo. I don't know yet which I prefer. Hmm.
I still have lots of blue&green bits and pieces to finish, including something involving this...
Trying out lots of ideas, lots of fun! - more photos to come tomorrow, hopefully!


Sneddonia said...

Cute. The 60s carpet actually goes with them :D


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