Monday 13 August 2018

TAKE TO THE SEA Hoop Art Tutorial

UPDATE: this tutorial is now available in my Patreon pattern library.

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July's freebie for my newsletter subscribers is a step-by-step tutorial for sewing some nautical embroidery hoop art!

I took a break during July itself, so I'm catching up this month by sending out two patterns. I'm sending out the offical (albeit slightly belated) July edition of my free pattern newsletter to subscribers today... but if you're not yet signed up, there's still a chance to grab this pattern.

I hate the idea of people signing up slightly too late to receive one of my monthly patterns, so in each free pattern email I send I'm including the link to download the new pattern and the previous month's project. So, if you sign up before August 25th you'll get the link to download the TAKE TO THE SEA Hoop Art tutorial as well as August's floral project. Hurrah!

The TAKE TO THE SEA tutorial includes templates and a step-by-step guide for sewing the felt version of this design, plus an embroidery pattern in case you fancy replicating my original project or putting your own stitchy twist on it.

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