Monday, 19 February 2018

Tutorial: Embroidered Felt Plant Lady Brooches

UPDATE: My plant lady brooch tutorials can now be found here on my blog!

Sew a Plant Lady, Cactus, or Monstera Leaf brooch.


If your home is full of plants (or you wish that it was) then you'll love my latest tutorial for The Village Haberdashery!

DIY Felt Plant Lady Brooches Tutorial

 Stitch an embroidered "Plant Lady" brooch...

DIY Embroidered Plant Lady Brooch

... sew a little felt cactus...

Felt Cactus Brooch Tutorial

... or make a monstera leaf!

Felt Monstera Leaf Brooch Tutorial

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Chalecos by Sonia Arias said...

I love... Sonia

bairozan said...

I love the cactus! I know many people who deserve such brooches (not me, I'm not good at raising plants) and I have some leftover felt from crafting before jewelry making - I just need to find the time!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys! :)

bairozan - I've found the only thing I can grow successful are succulents, they can handle a bit of neglect!! :D