Friday, 25 August 2017

A Year of Wreaths: August Felt Ice Cream Wreath

UPDATE: my free August Felt Ice Cream Wreath Tutorial can now be found here.

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August's addition to my Year of Wreaths series is all about ice cream!

This month's wreath was inspired by delicious ice cream, the trend for Instagram-friendly “unicorn food”, and the way we all share our holiday snaps on social media.

It captures that moment you buy a really delicious, slightly over-the-top ice cream, photograph it (maybe against a wall) and share it on Instagram or Facebook to a chorus of oooh!s and OMG!s and lots of likes and heart-eye emojis.

Making this wreath really made me smile, and I hope you guys will love it too!

The wreath features a large, colourful felt ice cream topped with sequin and bead “sprinkles”, a pair of heart-eye emojis, an “OMG!” speech bubble, and lots of felt hearts. If you don't fancy making a wreath, you could use these felt elements to decorate/make other things - the emojis would be very cute as brooches, and anything you stitched that ice cream to would be instantly fabulous.

Click here for the free step by step tutorial on The Village Haberdashery's blog.

Follow the links in the tutorial to find all the individual supplies you'll need in The Village Haberdashery shop including wreath bases and lots of wool blend felt.

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Katrin said...

So cute, thanks for sharing :-)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks, Katrin! :)