Saturday 12 August 2017

The Colourful World of WALALA X PLAY

Last month I took a trip to Greenwich with a friend to visit a very fun installation: Camille Walala's WALALA X PLAY at NOW Gallery.

WALALA X PLAY is a small maze of mirrors and colourful, patterned spaces - a bright and slightly bonkers space to get lost in and help you rediscover the joy of play.

You might well have seen pictures of this installation popping up in your social media feeds - it's proving so popular that you now need a (free) ticket to visit, and you get just 15 minutes in the space. 

We were lucky to visit a few days after it had opened, and (after a rather overexcited school group had left) had the installation all to ourselves...


The combination of all the different patterns, angled walls, and mirrors creates an almost dream-like effect as you wander through the space... it's such fun! It reminded me a lot of Yayoi Kusama's mirror rooms: a simple idea but a joyful, almost magical thing to experience.


Of course, with all those mirrors and Instagram-friendly patterns this place is selfie heaven! I don't usually take a lot of selfies but I couldn't resist snapping a whole bunch of silly mirror pics... 

Whether you're interested in the installation as art or just as a zeitgeisty Instagram playground WALALA X PLAY is well worth a visit. It runs until 24th September and is free to visit, but make sure to book a ticket well in advance (especially if you're visiting at the weekend). Oh, and remember to wear nice socks because it's a shoe-free zone!