Thursday 7 August 2014

Introducing... Felt-o-ween!

I've got some fun news to share today - Lark Books have a new crafty book out, featuring eight designs by me! It's called Felt-o-ween and it contains "40 scary-cute projects to celebrate Halloween"... all made from felt, of course.

Felt-o-ween is a follow-up to Lark's earlier seasonal titles Fa La La La Felt and Heart-Felt Holidays. 

Fa La La La Felt was the first craft book I contributed projects to, way back in 2009 -  doesn't time fly?? It's so nice to still be working with the same team of lovely people, and it was soooo much fun designing Halloween-themed projects this time round.

It's especially thrilling to see that two of my projects (the candy corn bunting and the creepy crawly wreath) made it onto the cover! I'll be blogging more about the book and my other projects for it sometime next month. In the meantime you can peek inside over at Amazon.

Felt-o-ween is out now in the US and available to pre-order in the UK (it's due out in early September).


Unknown said...

OMG how cute, so wish I could do more felting! Kx

Kay said...

How fun!! Congrats. x

Anonymous said...

Just bought your "Super cute felt animals", with so many ideas for making, now there's another one on my list...:-) Thank you so much! Kat

Mad said...

Cute! I love Halloween crafts, I wish it was bigger in the UK.

Jenny said...

I have both those books so will definitely be looking out for this! Looks fab.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys! Can't wait to show you more of my projects from this :)

Kat - Yay! I hope you'll have fun making lots of little felt-y animals! x

Mad - It is definitely starting to be more popular here, I think? I am hoping to share some Halloween-y projects here on my blog this autumn if I have the time :)