Tuesday 13 May 2014

Deadline O'Clock

What time is it? It's deadline o'clock!

Well, almost. I've got a deadline tomorrow which involves these cheerful colours.

The past few days have been super busy. I've been doing lots of crafty, deadline-related things: drawing, cutting, sticking, sewing, painting...  plus buying supplies, taking photos, writing notes, etc.

I've also had a couple of Nice Days Out (planned before I knew about the deadline), meeting up with Charlotte of Displacement Activity, Alex of Hydrangea Girl and Maria of Dinki Dots, who are all lovely. 

It's always great to meet up with other makers and bloggers, there's always so much interesting stuff to talk about - you know, all that stuff us makers and bloggers find interesting but which weirdly seems to make "normal" peoples eyes glaze over when you try and talk to them about it! I'll blog about what we got up to sometime soon and I'll also be blogging about a little maker / blogger meet-up I'm planning (exciting!).  

First up: gotta meet this deadline...