Thursday 22 May 2014

Crafty Bits & Bobs from a Busy Day

Yesterday was one of those days that was over in a flash. I had a big To Do list and a full inbox and after tick tick ticking lots of things off the list and sending lots of emails all of a sudden I looked up and it was 7pm! Definitely time to stop work, turn off my laptop and go and have some dinner!

Here's some snaps from my day:

Lovely new pens (the metallic markers are especially fab!), used for sketching a design proposal.


Scraps of an old pillowcase, left over from making a prototype for something new (challenging but also exciting!)


Bright pink & yellow supplies - I love these two colours together! Super cheerful.


Dried lavender, for stuffing some lavender sachets I'm working on for a blog tutorial (coming as soon as I've had a chance to photograph them and get the instructions typed up).

And finally (just before I switched the laptop off for the night) a colourful yarn shade card to help me order just the right colours of yarn (from Country Crafts) for a new project. I actually already knew which colours I needed to order but I couldn't resist getting the shade card out and picking some extra shades in pretty colours! The more yarn the better, right??