Thursday 2 January 2014

Hello 2014!

I know it's a little late but Happy New Year, everyone!

2014 is already off to a good start here...

... I met a deadline yesterday (hurrah!)
... I've got some fun Nice Days Out planned for this week (yay!)
... lots of people are starting sky blankets inspired by my project (so thrilling!)

... and the new issue of Crafty Magazine is out today and it contains a project by me (woohoo!)

My project? Turning plain tape measures into cute hot air balloons!

These were lots of fun to sew... and I do love hot air balloons (they always remind me of my years living in Bristol - you see so many hot air balloons there).

If you can't find a copy of Crafty in a store near you, it's also available HERE.


Unknown said...

looks really cute!

Leanne at Knit me a cake said...

Happy new year to you! Thanks so much for the sky blanket idea - I'm loving it so far. :)

Jessica said...

Do you have any idea where I might be able to find this magazine in the US? I am dying to make one of those hot air balloons!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Leanne - I am so excited to see your blanket grow throughout the year! :)

Jessica - I don't know of any US stockists but I think the website I linked to ships internationally. They also sell digital issues of the magazine: