Wednesday 8 January 2014

Back to Work (Sort Of)

Ugh, I am finding it so hard to get back into this whole "work" thing. Taking lots of time off over Christmas & New Year was great but it has done terrible things to my work ethic, haha :)

I am breaking myself back in gently (I am putting off my Tax Return until next week!) and have been pottering about drinking tea, organising paperwork, replying to emails, planning blog posts... and packing up & posting all my shop orders from the past couple of weeks.

It's lovely to see people buying copies of my books in my sale!


Remember, you can get 20% off everything in my shop until 10th Jan with the discount code NEWYEAR ... I've also extended the sale to my ad shop, so you can use the discount code NEWYEAR to get 20% off a large or small ad here on my blog.


Tumus said...

I just sat down the other day and actually WROTE OUT blog post ideas. It was hard at first because, contrary to my family's beliefs, I don't always have alot to say on some things *lol* But the more I sat and wrote the more ideas I came up with. Nearly one for all 52 weeks which is HUGE for me.

In any case, while I probably won't post as much as you this year, you can bet it will be will much more frequency!
Hurrah for planning! and lists!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Hurrah indeed! I'm so glad you're feeling inspired to blog more.

I started writing out a blogging schedule for the first time this year and it's really helping me plan stuff and - like you experienced - think up more things I wanted to write about :)