Thursday 22 September 2011

Bits and pieces this week...

Brr! It's really starting to get chilly here.

The blankets and woolly sweaters are starting to come out of storage, I've "treated" myself to a new super-cosy faux-fur-lined hoodie (so warm) and I've already got bored with having to blowdry my hair every day (yawn) and have cut my hair short again - quite similar to last year's DIY haircut, just a teeny bit longer and more choppy (i.e. scruffy).

A few small things from this week...

... I've busy sewing in and trimming the ends from my giant granny square blanket:

... I witnessed some sort of important pigeon conference outside my flat:

(I know some people really hate pigeons but when you live in a city as full of noisy & aggressive seagulls as ours is, pigeons seem remarkably sweet and loveable by comparison)

... and yesterday I looked down at the coffee table to see a matching green mug, green knitting, and a green audiobook:

I love colour coincidences like this - I was obviously in the mood for that particular shade of green!


The undomesticated scientist said...

nice pile of ends! any plans for them? i get my mum to save all hers and we give them to nursery for doing glueing and sticking! i can understand why you'd go for the green, its lovely

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Love the green moment and the pigeon conference looks very serious ;o)

Kerry Burnout said...

Glad it isn't only me that notices colour coincidences. I often find that when I'm shopping for a few bits and pieces, I end up with items in the same colour scheme. Suspect it's a subconscious creative streak.

I have often thought it would be a good performance art piece to go arouns a large stores buying lots of different things in the same colour. Maybe you could do red one day, then orange the next and so on to make a rainbow - might cheer up a few sales assistants.

Bugs and Fishes said...

I have to admit to just throwing the ends away - they have been preserved for posterity in the photo, at least! :)

Kerry - yes, I do that a lot too with colours, or things like I buy all stripey things one week. That performance art idea sounds hilarious!

There was a great project done by an artist whose name I have now forgotten where she(?) photographed all the items she owned in certain colours. Very interesting seeing everything grouped together like that... like an extreme version of when people sort their bookshelves by colour.