Monday 15 February 2010

February giveaway: the winners

Many thanks to everyone who entered this month's giveaway!

The winners - chosen at random - are:

northernknitter who said... "Hmm the cute heart would tickle my fancy this cool February evening :)"

and Sarah who said... "Love both the brooches so if I'm lucky enough to win I would love a surprise xxx"

Leave me a comment with your email address ladies (this won't be published) and I'll be in touch.

Remember if you've not been lucky enough to win you can still make your own owl brooch or heart brooch by following my tutorials... and of course there'll be another fun giveaway next month!


Ali said...

Oh maaan! ;) Never mind though...I now have the excuse to follow your excellent tutorial and make myself some owls! Thanks!

Fiona said...

Ooooh. I guess i'm just going to have to make a owl for myself with the excellent felt I have just purchased from you!

One two three fold said...

Hi Bugs and Fishes
I am new to 'blog' and I think yours in wonderful.
Have been trying to find blogs I love and introduce my blog to others...
The thought of paper, posting and a 'blog' to call home, is truly overwhelming and comforting.
I have started emptying my boxes, tin suitcase and plastic tupperware containers filled with the beginnings of my paper fixation.
I will rush to photograph the lot and try to capture some of the beautiful character that paper has.