Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Supplies in the Spare Room

Today I have been packing up lots of parcels, and fetching lots of packaging supplies from my "spares" stash in the spare bedroom... Like most rooms in our house, the spare room is gradually being filled with felt and other crafty supplies. It's looking a lot tidier in there since we got some new shelves - just the right depth for storing lots of felt - but it looks a lot less neat out of shot!


Gina said...

Ooo looks like a fun place to be! Isn't it a chore to keep craft supplies contained? Thanks for sharing an inside peek of your stash!

Karens Hopes said...

You look as if you are going to be very busy. Some fab coloured felts there.

Vixanne said...

All those colours lined up the shelf like that look so pretty! Just make me want to start some crafting!

Nic said...

*sigh* your craft room/spare room looks soooo tidy. Mine is fast turning into a pit!


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