Monday, 17 August 2009

Back to Business

After several weeks of keeping my shops closed or 'on vacation' thanks to the 'flu ... shipping will resume this week!

It is always such a pain having to close up shop unexpectedly, so it's lovely to have my shops up and running again and to be making a start on packaging up my backlog of orders.

Thanks to the 'flu I've gained a new assistant (temporarily, at least). My long suffering boyfriend has kindly offered to take my parcels to the Post Office for me. He will do the walking and the queuing and the posting so I can stick to the packaging and then put my feet up with a cuppa instead of collapsing in a post-related heap. What a star.


cutedesigns said...

Aw, aren't boyfriends lovely? :)

talulahblue said...

Yes, you need a slave on standby these days, what with all this flu around x

Tumus said...

I like that photo very cool ^_^ Glad your back!

Migoto_Chou said...

Hehe... That photo is exactly what I feel like after a trip to the post office! :)

domestikated said...

Love the picture - exactly what collapsing in a post-related heap would look like! I am glad you do not have to look like that though =D


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