Friday, 14 August 2009

A Confession

Sometimes I am a terrible, lazy, disorganised crafter and make perfectly nice things and put them in a pile to photograph them ready to list in my shop... and just don't get round to it!

For example, this time last year I made two prototype crowns. Here they are, in progress last September:
I finished them, I put them aside to photograph later and wrote on my to do list "finalise crown design" .... and a year later, they've still not been photographed and I'm only just working on the finished designs. So, so embarrasing.

I'm quite excited about digging them out again though - hopefully it won't take me another year to actually get them in my shops this time!


Tumus said...

I have a few projects like that, things I intend to presents for Christmas or birthdays that never get completed but are terribly close to it.

And I admit taking pictures for my listings is a time consuming chore some days :(

The Holy Bead said...

I'm sosososo bad about this too! Once I have the photos, I have no trouble getting them up--but to actually get set up and shoot the photos is overwhelming. Especially when I get so backed up and I have 30 pieces to photograph at once!

Clare said...

it's reassuring to know you're not always as organised as your beautifully laid out crafty items make you appear! Good luck with the to-do list

Migoto_Chou said...

Oh dear! I do the same thing! It's amazing how time gets away from you!

Bagladee said...

I like going back to older projects so that you get a different perspective. x

Sara said...

i do stuff like that all the time!

Helen Rawlinson said...

What a relief, I'm not the only one!


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