Saturday 11 February 2023

Team HRT! A Menopause Embroidery Pattern

I absolutely love it when people suggest possible variations for projects, or themes they'd love to see. Sometimes those ideas get tucked away for a rainy day and other times I simply have to sit down and work on them straight away.

Chatting about mental health last week and the magic of Taking Your Meds, a friend suggested that I design a Team HRT pattern for the many ladies battling their way through the menopause and its many difficult symptoms. 

So when I added a Team Citalopram pattern this week, I had to design an HRT one too!


Just like mental health issues, the menopause is something it benefits us all to talk about more - to normalise it, to make sure people can get the support they need, and to help everyone feel less alone when dealing with all the ups and downs.

I think this would be a fun design to stitch for a friend as a gift, or together in a group while you swap stories! 

The Team HRT pattern is now available as part of my Patreon pattern library. 

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