Friday 17 February 2023

Martin Lewis Portrait, Free Embroidery Pattern

Stitch a portrait of Martin Lewis with my latest free embroidery pattern! 

I shared a free "WWMLD"  ("What Would Martin Lewis Do?") embroidery pattern last month, inspired by everyone’s favourite money-saving expert. 

I love Martin Lewis and his no-nonsense advice about financial matters, and as bills and other prices have been sky-rocketing I've been thinking "What Would Martin Lewis Do?" a lot... and I just couldn't resist turning that into a craft project.


When I was sketching ideas for the pattern, I drew a little portrait of Martin because portraits are something I'm trying to challenge myself to do more of (gotta keep trying new things and stretching yourself creatively!)

I was quite pleased with how the sketch turned out and planned to share a pair of WWMLD patterns (one with simple text, the other this portrait version)... and then I had an attack of self doubt and decided the portrait was terrible and no-one would want to stitch it anyway so what was the point in sharing it - UGH!

And now...? 

Well, I've decided that January Laura was being too hard on herself and needs to learn to share her work even if it's not "perfect" - because that's an important part of creative development. 

And maybe people WILL want to stitch this (or just print it out and put it up on the wall) as a little reminder to make sensible financial choices, or to resist the urge to turn the heating up! 

Feel the creative fear and do it anyway, right??

Happy stitching, pals xx



These patterns are for personal use only: you can use them to stitch as many  as you want for yourself or as gifts, but please don't make any for sale. Thanks xx

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