Sunday 17 January 2021

Felt Teapot & Teacup Brooches PDF Pattern

UPDATE: my felt teapot and teacup brooch tutorial is now available from my shop, or in my Patreon pattern library.

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Fancy a step by step guide for sewing felt teapot and teacup brooches?

These cute little felt brooches are super easy to sew and make lovely gifts for tea fans (either on their own, or along with a box of their favourite tea!).


Polkadot felt makes these brooches extra cute - I love these mini dots but I've made these brooches before with bigger spots and they looked just as nice. If you just have plain felt you could add dots with some simple embroidery, or maybe embroider a little flower instead.


You could also use the templates to make a teapot or teacup ornament (just add a loop of ribbon!) or applique the shapes onto a larger project. 

The PDF file includes three easy-to-print sizes of the templates, or you can resize the templates as you prefer.