Saturday 9 January 2021

Last Chance: Felt Bundles!

When I began selling craft supplies again last year (PIVOTING my business like so many others in 2020!) I bought a whole range of different things to try and sell... and have been gradually restocking stuff that sells well, and quietly letting less popular items (or ones which turned out to be a headache to source or store or ship) sell out then vanish from my shops. 

My journey back into craft supply selling began with the decision to start selling felt squares, which I felt sure (no pun intended!) would be a nice steady seller like they had been last time I'd sold them. 

Unfortunately though it seems that wholesale costs for the felt I sell have gone up a lot in recent years while retail prices have remained pretty static so profit margins are much tighter. And you've gotta hold a LOT of stock in order to be able to have the full range of colours available, even before you start thinking about letting people choose their own colours. And then even ready-picked colour bundles take a long time to assemble!

Basically, compared to other areas of my business the effort/hassle to income ratio is not great for me selling felt squares right now so I'm going to stop doing that and focus on other things instead.

Several of my felt bundles sold out before Christmas, but I've got a few still in stock. Grab them now before they vanish!