Saturday 2 January 2021

A New Year, and Lots of Lovely New (Old) Stuff!

Hello friends! Happy New Year!

I have loads of crafty things planned for 2021, including lots of free projects for my blog and newsletter, I am positively itching to get started. I gained so much joy and solace from my creative projects in 2020 and am hoping for more of the same this year. 

Before I launch into my mega crafty To Do list, I'm easing myself into January with some simple "put my feet up on the sofa and listen to an audiobook while I do this" tasks... including getting lots of lovely vintage bits and bobs added to my shops.

Click here to browse everything on my website or over in my Etsy shop.

P.S. My shops are all set up with UK postage only at the moment but I'm always happy to quote for international shipping. UK postage is charged at a flat rate - currently £4 per parcel (no matter how much you buy!), but this will be going up soon as unfortunatrly Royal Mail have just put their prices up.

P.P.S. In case you've ever wondered, buying directly from my shop or via my Instagram sale page is the way that earns me the most money because Etsy don't take their cut of the sale fee, but I know Etsy is very convenient! It's definitely the easiest way to buy my printable PDF patterns as they offer instant downloads).