Friday 5 October 2018

Snail Mail Fun!

I did a trial run of my new Letters from Lupin snail mail club last month, sending out a postcard, a letter, and a handmade card to some lovely postal guinea pigs.

I bought some fab coloured paper for printing the letters (plain white paper would have been terribly off-brand)...

... and made envelopes from an old map book.

I love a nice handmade envelope, and the colours in the maps coordinate so well with the colours of the pastel printer paper. It was hugely satisfying making these and a real joy sending them all out!

September's postcard featured my favourite old photo of Weston-super-Mare (my new seaside hometown). I totally forgot to take a photo of the cards before I sent them out, so here are a couple of snaps shared by one of the recipients, the lovely Rachel of Eliston Button.

(Nice stamps are definitely a big part of the fun of Proper Post!) 

Then for the card, I went for an autumnal woodland theme with a leafy card, autumnal magazine pages for the envelopes and awesome owl stamps.

That gold card was a total pain to photograph but it's gorgeous in real life, such a fabulous warm gleam.

Click here to read more about Letters from Lupin and join the postal fun!