Monday 1 October 2018

Autumn at Kew Gardens: Trees!

Talking of the magic of trees and leaves in the autumn... here's a whole blog post full of pictures of lovely trees!

After my summer visits to Kew Gardens, I got busy with work and didn't have a chance to get into the city for ages. It was quite frustrating, but eventually I was able to carve out a free day when we were forecast some sunshine and I spent a wonderful, stress-relieving day wandering round the gardens enjoying all the delights of autumn.


Kew is home to a huge range of different trees, including some very old ones which have been on the grounds since the early days of the gardens.

It was a real treat to have such a gloriously sunny day in which to get out and stretch my legs and soak up all this autumnal goodness.


I change my mind all the time about which season is my favourite, but sunny days in autumn are particularly wonderful - the air crisp but not too cold, the bright colours of the trees glowing in the sunshine. Just magic.

Each day at Kew they run free guided tours of the gardens, which you can sign up for at the information desk near the main entrance. I went on quite a few of these during my year's membership (they showcased different seasonal highlights each time, I wasn't just repeating the same tour over and over!) and it was a real pleasure to learn some more about the plants in the gardens and the history of Kew itself.

On this visit I went on a tour where we looked at lots of different trees, and I learned lots of fascinating tree facts... which I have now forgotten but which greatly enriched my day.

After the tour was over I went back and retraced our steps to look again at all the trees we'd visited, and take photos of some of my favourites. I might have forgotten the facts we were told about them, but I'll always have these snapshots to look back on and to remind me to get out and really look at my local trees each autumn.

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bairozan said...

Beautiful autumn! I feel inspired to take a stroll in the closest park and make some pictures, just hoping for the Indian Summer to go on until this weekend :)

Emma said...

They are so lovely! I still haven't managed to get there this year. Next years birthday perhaps :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

bairozan - hope the weather held out for you! It's turned a little chillier here but still lovely and sunny, it's quite delightful.

Emma - hope you'll managed to go *twice* next year to make up for it xx