Friday 12 October 2018

Autumn at Kew: Colour & Texture

Kew Gardens is full of loveliness in the autumn, and not just because of all the trees! Here's some of the gorgeous colour and texture I spotted on my autumn visit...

Some parts of the garden are fading at this time of year, while others are in full bloom and bursting with colour.

I was particularly charmed by this border. I don't know what kind of plants these are but they are rather wonderful, and not at all the usual shades I'd associate with autumn.

I loved this tree in the rock garden...

... these almost flame-like leaves...

... and these fabulous honey-coloured grasses.

They look so soft and fluffy, don't they?

There were still a few roses just clinging on in the rose garden. Fabulous bursts of colour popping up now and then like the memory of summer.

Plants take on a really sculptural quality in the autumn, don't you think?

In the spirit of leaving the best until last, my favourite autumnal find was this rather magical corner.

This is a lovely, peaceful spot all year round, with benches and a water sculpture within a circle of hedges. But with the leaves yellowing and illuminated by the warm autumn light? Truly wonderful, like something out of a fairytale.

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bairozan said...

Beautiful autumn, beautiful pictures! And that secret cozy place is a great find :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

It was such a magical little corner! I love how many little special places there are at Kew, it's been so thoughtfully designed :)