Friday 14 September 2018

New: Letters from Lupin

This autumn I'm starting something new: a happy snail mail club I'm calling Letters from Lupin.

Social media and blogging can be great, and I'm loving sending out my regular(ish) email newsletters, but I think nothing quite beats a piece of proper post.

Something that makes you smile when you find it on your doormat (unlike the usual boring junk mail and stressful bills). Something to read over breakfast or when you get back from work, without getting sucked into mindless scrolling and FOMO and all those side-effects of social media. An actual piece of paper to hold in your hand then pin on your wall, or use as a bookmark, or stick in a real scrapbook.

So, I'm starting a fun snail mail club! For each month you sign up, you will receive:

ONE postcard, handwritten by me and featuring my seaside hometown or somewhere nice I've visited recently.

ONE letter, handwritten then photocopied, with lots of chatty updates about what I've been up to lately (kind of a cross between an old-fashioned letter and a zine!).

And ONE card, either made and/or designed by me or just a lovely card I wanted to share, with a handwritten note inside.

Your three bits of post will be spread out throughout the month, to the address you provide during the checkout process. If you want your post sent to a different name or address, just send me a message! If you sign up before October 5th, your happy post will be sent out in October.

You can buy one month or three months of happy post from my newly re-opened Big Cartel shop.

I'm really excited by the possibilities of this club, and I hope you guys will be too!