Monday 10 September 2018

Weston-super-Mare in Pictures: April, May & June 2018

I love living by the seaside, and spend as much time as possible going for walks along the beach and around the town. I'm really enjoying exploring my new home town and seeing how it changes with the seasons!

I have an Instagram account where I share photos from my walks, and I'm also putting together a quarterly round up of my favourite pictures here on my blog. I was on a blogging break back in July (when I'd originally planned to post this) but now it's finally time to look back at my fave pics from April, May and June. With autumn rapidly creeping in, I really enjoyed looking back through my photos to put together this post and I hope you'll enjoy them too...

April started off a little grey, but at least it had stopped snowing... and the grey didn't last long! We've had so much sunshine this summer that my camera roll has been absolutely bursting with blue skies.

I have to admit though that I rather adore a long walk on a misty grey day. There's something weirdly appealing about how bleak and empty the beach can be during the off-season, and it makes for a wonderfully quiet walk. I've missed it a little during the hot and busy tourist season!

I made the most of spring while it lasted, with lots of visits to see the bluebells at Uphill...

... walks along the beach...

... and regular strolls up the cowslip-and-orchid-covered hill (later the buttercup-covered hill!) to the old church.

Then in June I got slightly sunburned going on lots of longer-than-expected walks around town, photographing the local architecture and other bits and bobs that caught my eye. I really need to remember to always take extra suncream on walks like this, as there's always another tempting street to go down and another new path to follow.


There's no shortage of charming houses and interesting architectural details here in Weston: I have a crush on so many of the local buildings but this one is definitely in my top ten:

Taking nice photos and sharing them online is fun, of course, but I particularly like how the act of taking photos is making me really look at the place that I live. The shapes and the colours and all the little details it would be so easy to overlook.


It's been a fun challenge photographing some of Weston's summer events, too. I loved the classic car show at Grove Park...

... and the hot air balloons on the beach were an absolute joy. The balloon launch was a wonderful little taster of a new event coming to Weston's seafront this autumn - I'm really looking forward to it!

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bairozan said...

I love your pictures, Laura! the third from the top in this post is my favorite, even though gloomy! You make all these places look so tempting to see :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

bairozan - I love that one too! I love living somewhere that has such great views even on gloomy days :)