Thursday 14 December 2017

DIY Christmas Card Ideas

UPDATE: follow the links to find all these DIY Christmas card ideas here on my blog!

1. Washi Tape.
2. Simple Shapes and Crafty Scraps.
3. Simple Lettering.
4. Christmas Trees.
5. Baubles.

My latest tutorials for the Village Haberdashery's blog are all about making your own Christmas cards!

I used some gorgeous patterned paper, washi tape and rubber stamps from the Village Haberdashery's shop to make a whole bunch of festive cards. The cards were so much fun to make,and I totally fell in love with the supplies I used - especially that washi tape, isn't it lovely?

In part one you'll find how-tos for:

Simple washi tape cards:

Getting creative with layers and geometric shapes.

And using crafty scraps to decorate your cards.

Then in part two, you'll find instructions and templates for making cards decorated with...


Christmas trees:
And baubles:

You'll find part one and part two over on the Village Haberdashery's blog, and all the materials you'll need to make the cards in their online shop.

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bairozan said...

Fantastic ideas! I have most of the supplies so I could make some right away. They would also make pretty gift tags.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks! And YES, love a nice DIY gift tag :)