Friday, 26 May 2017

A Year of Wreaths: May Felt Foxgloves Wreath Tutorial

My free tutorial series for The Village Haberdashery continues!

May's wreath features some fabulous felt foxgloves: 

This month's project was an interesting design challenge - it was rather tricky translating the shapes of real foxgloves into something simple enough to a) fit on a wreath and b) not impossible to actually make! After a couple of false starts I was delighted when I finally cracked it* and I'm really pleased with how these flowers have turned out.

The foxgloves do take a little time and patience to put together, but the individual steps are not difficult and I think the result is well worth it. (Okay so I am a little biased about this but shhh).

Click here for the free templates and step by step tutorial.

You can buy a kit with all the materials you'll need to make this wreath, or just follow the links in the tutorial to find all the individual supplies in The Village Haberdashery shop.

I think the foxgloves would also look lovely on a simple fabric-wrapped wreath - like the one I made for last month's tutorial - or a soft yarn-wrapped wreath like the one I made in March.

Click here to find all the wreath tutorials in the series.
*I may or may not have done a very embarrassing happy dance at this point. I couldn't possibly comment.

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bairozan said...

The foxgloves are perfect! The effort was certainly worth it - it is a pretty unique decoration for a wreath!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thank you! :)

Kate said...

You are brilliant! Love your foxgloves.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for your kind words, Kate! xx