Wednesday 22 February 2017


I've started a new Instagram account! I know, I know - how many Instagram accounts does one person need? But I promise there's a reason for this one.

My new account is called westonsupermagic and I've started it so I can have a space to share all the photos I'm taking of my new seaside hometown.

I'm loving taking these photos, but I don't want them to overwhelm my main account (lauralupinhoward) so I'm giving them their own space to shine.

I'll be sharing lots of photos taken on my walks along the seafront (of course) as well as snaps of local architecture and other interesting bits and pieces I spot around town. If you think that might be your cup of tea, do follow me on Instagram or bookmark the page on your desktop. I'll probably also share occasional round-ups here on my blog of my favourite pictures.

I hope you'll enjoy exploring with me!  


Katrin said...

Somewhere beyond the sea...:-) Isn't it as if you're on holiday all the time?

Bugs and Fishes said...

Ha, I wish! Sadly even by the seaside you still have to work and buy groceries and clean the bathroom ;)