Thursday 1 December 2016

Lovely Leeds: Gorgeous Architecture

I spent the whole of yesterday thinking it was Tuesday... which it was not. Oops. So, here's a slightly late Wednesday blog post for you :)

When I visited Leeds this spring, the weather was so wonderful. Bright sunshine! Blue skies! The perfect combo for exploring the city on foot and taking lots and lots of photos of its loveliness.

I've already blogged about some of the great places I visited in the city, but in this final post about my trip I'd like to share a few photos of some of the other interesting buildings I spotted while exploring the city.

There were domes aplenty...

Lots of gorgeous big windows (those rooms must be filled with light!)

Lovely statues of symbolic ladies (without any clothes on of course, clothing would distract from the symbolism don'tcha know)...

... and statues of important, serious, famous gentlemen doing important, serious, famous things:

Everywhere you look, there are "functional" buildings decorated with delightful architectural details and flourishes.

The Civic Hall even has shiny gold bits! You've got to love a city that puts golden owls on its buildings.

There are owls on the Leeds Coat of Arms, and they pop up all over the city - there's even an Owl Trail map so you can go owl-spotting and discover the city's heritage along the way. I hope I'll have time to follow the trail on my next visit!

Wanna see more of the loveliness I spotted in Leeds? Check out my posts about the Corn Exchange, Kirkgate Market, Leeds waterside and the Royal Armouries Museum, the magnificent Victorian Arcades, and the wonderful Central Library.