Wednesday 13 July 2016

A Day in the Life

At the end of May I took part in #igdayinthelife - an Instagram challenge to post a photo each hour throughout the day. I've seen other people take part in challenges like this and really enjoyed the peek into their lives, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was really rather fun. In case you missed it, here's what I got up to...

I took my first photo at 9:15 am, so I stuck with quarter past the hour for all my photos throughout the day. I wasn't off to the best start as I forgot to set my alarm the night before and overslept! Oops.

I started the day with a cup of tea and a good book - I'm trying to read more at the moment, and this is proving to be a really nice way to wake up. In between other books, I'm slowly re-reading all the Discworld books and was part-way through Lords and Ladies (one of my faves as a teen) back in May.

10:15 - Time for breakfast! I try to avoid turning on my phone or laptop before breakfast, but I made an exception to take part in this challenge.

11:15 - I walked into town to run some boring but important errands. It was a very grey day and my route into town is not at all exciting, but there were still lots of pops of happy springtime colour to enjoy along the way.

12:15 - Grocery shopping! I did not actually buy lemons or oranges :)

By 13:15 I was back at home and working on some felt poppies. I used to sell lots of felt poppies (as brooches and headbands and bracelets) in my shops, and am now working on giving this retired design a new life as a sewing pattern. It's been a while since I stitched one of these, it's funny what details you forget and what's still automatic after having done it so very many times.

14:15 - Time for lunch, and the rookie mistake of letting my food go cold while I Instagrammed it! Lunch was eaten one-handed while reading.

By 15:15 lunch was eaten, the washing up was done and I was making a start on some more felt flowers - more old designs that will be getting a second life as sewing patterns.

16:15 Sewing + tea + Flash Gordon on the telly = a great combo for a chilly Bank Holiday afternoon.

My lovely red desk is a 1950s kitchen table, my dad grew up eating his breakfast at it each morning and now I use it every day in my office.

At 17:15 I was still making flowers... and taking lots of notes along the way so I could write a detailed tutorial later. There was a lot of stopping and starting and pausing to think "how do I describe this??"

18:15 - Time to take a break from working on the tutorials to drink tea and eat hot cross buns. Yum!

By 19:15 I'd decamped to the sofa to spend some quality time with this fella. He pays a lot of attention if I'm knitting (the twitchy yarn is just too much for him to resist) but totally ignores my sewing, so we can sit happily together for hours as I work and he snoozes.

20:15 - Making a start on dinner! Simple pasta, not fancy (I never cook anything particularly fancy) but nice and tasty.

At 21:15 I was watching the Sewing Bee. This year's competition was so much fun, and it was so exciting to see my old UK Etsy chum Charlotte taking part. Monday nights just won't be the same now it's finished!

Then my final photo was at 22:15 - I was watching Gotham (sooo goooood) and wondering what to take a photo of for my final pic of the day when this fella showed up!

It was an interesting challenge taking those hourly photos and I'm really glad to have this little diary of everyday moments that I'd never usually bother recording. I'm not going to start Instagramming my breakfast each day or anything like that, but I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for the next #igdayinthelife challenge and taking part if I can.

P.S. You can follow me on Instagram here - I mostly post pics of my crafty projects and my adventures exploring the UK on Nice Days Out.

UPDATE: My primrose and poppy designs are now available as sewing patterns! Visit my shop to see all my printable PDF patterns


Mike Raven said...

Awesome challenge, loved the photos! :)

bairozan said...

It's a fun challenge, I sure enjoyed the pics.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys! I definitely recommend joining in with a challenge like this, so much fun :)