Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Laurafallulah Giveaway Winners

Time to announce the winners of the Laurafallulah giveaway!

The winner of the pink set is...

... Kay, who said... "Thanks for a lovely giveaway, I prefer the pink set. It is always fun to come across wonderful new shops too. x"

And the winner of the blue set is...

...  Teresa @ Aurea's Kitchen, who said... "The blue set is lovely."

Congrats guys! I'll send you a message later today but if you don't hear from me by the time you see this post please get in touch - my email is mail [at] lupinhandmade [dot] com 


Ali Horn said...

Aw, these are adorable! Especially the little bags

Teresa @ Aurea's Kitchen said...

That's me!!! I just send you an email.

Thanks again

Kay said...

Wow!! I have just seen this and it has made my day. xx

faQihun said...

waahh, i want it too!!..


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