Wednesday 26 February 2014

Projects in Progress This Week

This week I've been doing some colourful stitching which has been very relaxing. Working with bright colours like this never fails to cheer me up on a gloomy day.


I've been printing out some words for a project that involves lettering.

There's also been lots of felt cut out, including some quite fiddly little shapes (thank goodness for embroidery scissors).

A while ago I took the bottom drawer out of this mini chest I use for storing craft supplies... and then forgot to put it back. The the weight of the supplies in the drawers above made the divider bend out of shape and the bottom drawer won't go back in. So I'm now trying to bend it back into shape.


I'm working on a prototype for a project that involves pipecleaners, which I don't think I've used for crafting in about two decades!


I've also been sewing lots of fabric squares together.

(Quilts are a bit of a pain to photograph, aren't they? So hard to find the space!)

I've sewn five long strips of squares together and I'm now halfway through adding them to one end of the quilt. Next up: arranging and then sewing a bunch of squares together to fill in the "missing" section in one corner where I removed a bunch of squares that didn't fit at all with the style of the rest of the quilt.

I vaguely remember noticing this in my teens and thinking "whatevs" (or whatever the equivalent teen expression was back in the late 90s) but on rediscovering the quilt it really bugged me, so I unpicked the section and will now be restitching it. Luckily I had plenty of spare squares leftover from when the quilt was going to be much bigger! 


Jacqui Wise said...

Another busy week crafting. Look forward to seeing your colourful stitching project and good luck with the storage drawers.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks Jacqui! I managed to fix the drawers enough to make them useable again, which I'm very pleased about :)