Tuesday 29 October 2013

A Special Weekend & A Very Cute Calendar

My baby sister got married at the weekend! Such a lovely, happy day in a beautiful place.

I am now busy catching up with emails, etc. I always try really hard to keep on top of my inbox from day to day... coming back to it after a few days off work can be a little overwhelming as it fills up so quickly, but I'm getting there slowly.

So, while I am replying to emails and getting stuck in to this week's To Do list, here's something that has nothing to do with crafting but was just too cute not to share: a cat calendar with a literary theme!

Each month of the "Puss in Books" calendar (created by Sarah, who blogs at Yes & Yes) features a kitty in a costume plus matching literary quotation - e.g. a cat in a white rabbit costume and a quotation from Alice in Wonderland.

The calendar is $19 (including shipping, even for international orders) and Sarah is donating $1 from each pre-ordered copy to a cat shelter. Read more about the calendar and pre-order your copy HERE.