Monday, 26 November 2012

Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments

Look at these lovelies!

I borrowed them from my mum to use as props for a couple of photos, and couldn't resist taking a few snaps just of the ornaments themselves as they're just so gorgeous.

I love how the boxes have the original prices still on them. 35p!

If you're a fan of vintage baubles, you might like these super pretty free printable ornament gift tags from Little Paper Dog:

Those tags would make sweet ornaments, don't you think? Or you could make some felt baubles with this ornament tutorial which I shared last year.


Jessica said...

Ah - really is the season to be getting all the lovely ornaments out already! Love the pretty glass baubles - wish we could put some up this year but our littlest one is now crawling so that won't be happening! I'll just have to put up the felt ones I made from you pattern a few years ago :-)

AnitaS said...

They are very pretty. I see so many lovely christma items I better start in January next year.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love baubles like this, takes me back to when I was younger :)

Holly said...

I love vintage glass ornaments and have a small collection of them. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial!

BugsandFishes said...

Jessica - felt baubles are an excellent substitute for the real thing if you've got little kids (or adventurous cats!!)

These baubles were on the Christmas tree every year when I was growing up, so I am very attached to them :)